Details of our equine arena construction projects

West Country Arenas' installation process for equine arena, menage and gallop construction:

  • Free Site Visit and Survey 
    • To discuss your equestrian and surface requirements and provide a free quotation.
  • Planning Issues
    • West Country Arenas will help advise on your planning process.
  • All work is carried out by West Country Arenas
    • We do not use sub-contractors.
  • Site Preparation
    • Careful removal of topsoil is carried out for re-use around the Arena.
  • Drainage Requirements
    • Area cut to gradient depending on drainage requirements.
    • Good Drainage means preparing proper channels, piping and application of lots of stone drainage material before we even begin to consider your surface.
  • Base Layer and Drainage Membrane
    • Each base layer is carefully levelled and compressed; including the all important membrane which is carefully applied to ensure the drainage system is sealed and protected from contamination from your surface.
  • Boards, Posts and Rails
    • Installation of pressure treated weather edged retaining boards (8x2”), post and rail. 5ft 3” from surface level, 3 rail with posts 6ft apart, 12ft gates are hung in accordance with customer preference.
  • Arena Surface
    • Your chosen equestrian arena surface is applied onto the prepared surface and levelled for use.
  • Landscaping
    • The area is finally landscaped, and your riding arena is ready for show jumping, dressage, galloping or whatever it’s intended use.
  • Guaranteed Work
    • West Country Arenas work is guaranteed to the highest standards and comes with a 3 year warranty.

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